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Your Local Basement Waterproofing
& Crawl Space Repair Experts!

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Jennifer Crews
Marietta, GA
August 3, 2021

Plumber was recommended for the leak in the main level, we cleaned the debris out and smoothed the soil then placed a new vapor barrier down.

Jason K
Madison, GA
December 16, 2015

Robert P
Athens, GA
July 8, 2015

Tom B
Athens, GA
September 1, 2014

Luke Pieper
Loganville, GA

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Gerard Vong
Decatur, GA

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Rebecca Brockwell
Roswell, GA

The floor is monolithic and the block walls were built on the inside of the crawlspace area. The walls will need to be taken down so that a drain can be installed on the outside...between the dirt crawlspace and the block walls.

Max Rodrigue
Atlanta, GA

Our estimate includes a clean out of all debris in the crawlspace as well as a 6mil vapor barrier across the soil.

Ofer Ayal
Atlanta, GA

Full perimeter GrateDrain with sump pump.

Wendy Ruona
Lawrenceville, GA

Our estimate is for a GrateDrain system with sump pump and wall shield.

Jennifer Russell
Atlanta, GA

We will install carbon fiber wall bands to the block wall, place Wall Shield on it and install a GrateDrain at the base of wall.

Benoit Hamelin
Atlanta, GA

Perimeter drain with Sump to channel water back outside.

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