Support Local Horse Rescue

We Support Local Horse Rescue Efforts Through the Georgia Equine Rescue League

At Harris Waterproofing, our passion is to help horses in need. That involves assisting starved and neglected horses that are picked up on a regular basis by the Georgia Department of Agriculture through our work with the Georgia Equine Rescue League.

As part of its duties, the GDA's Equine Division is charged with enforcement of laws that protect equine in our state. Unfortunately, there are no state funds allocated for the care of animals that are seized and impounded by GDA inspectors due to neglect. To operate effectively, the Equine Division must rely heavily on public donations. That is where the GERL enters the picture.

To date, the GERL has provided more than $560,000 to support the GDA Equine Division. Much of that support has come through the organization's Feed a Horse program, which relies on TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations from members and fellow horse lovers. Those donations are applied directly to the care and feeding of horses impounded by the GDA to cover the costs of feed and hay. Currently, the cost of rehabilitating a horse is approximately $150 per month for each animal.

In addition, the GERL has developed programs to help horses in other ways. The organization is now working with local law enforcement and animal control agencies to ensure more widespread enforcement of equine protection laws. This effort involves the training of officers in proper horse handling and provides temporary equine holding facilities where needed.

While the GERL is proud of its many success stories, organizers also are aware that none of them would have been possible without the ongoing support of our members and others who share our love and concern for horses. The continuing success of the GERL depends on annual membership dues, various donations from individuals and other organizations, as well as the time and energy of volunteers.

The GERL is a non-profit organization with 501 (c)(3) status, assuring that all donations are tax deductible. As horse lovers, all of us at Harris Waterproofing invite you to join the GERL and to donate to this worthy cause. More than anything, we encourage you to please help us spread the word about the GERL to your friends, family, co-workers and others. Together, we can help rescue and feed these needy horses.

Information about the GERL's 2018 Rescue Challenge is provided here

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