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Reviewed By: Kristen L
Location: Roswell, GA 30075

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Comment We hired Harris for a water leak in our crawl space coming due to a crack in our foundation as well as foundation settling (home was originally build in late 70s). They created a drain system to take the rain water away from the house and sealed the foundation crack on both the interior and exterior. They had to dig 4.5 feet down to the foundation! In addition, they installed a pvc pipe on a downspout that had been backing up which would leak into our utility room. They were very mindful of existing landscaping we had recently done for plants, mulch and ground cover. The exterior looked as if nothing had ever been done. Well worth the wait as it did take a couple of weeks to get the appointment scheduled (lots of rain in Dec/Jan). We wanted to get this done right the first time and that is what Harris did. Had to schedule a few weeks out after quote was agreed upon. To be honest never saw them work. They came during the day while I was at work. The dug out around where the basement was leaking. They waterproofed the external wall and installed drainage around the house to help with water flow. They also dug out around a wall and installed a retaining wall made of landscape bricks. It has been almost six months and my basement is still dry. I am very pleased.
Description of work:
Waterproofed outside of basement (2 walls) from sunroom previous homeowner had installed and grade and construct a retaining wall around one wall.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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