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Reviewed By: James H
Location: Fayetteville , GA 30214

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Angie's List
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Comment Our house is nearly forty years old and has a finished basement that contains a mother-in-law apartment. In December, 2013, we had had several severe rainstorms which resulted in water entering the basement in several places where the floor met the walls. I joined Angie's List and started researching basement waterproofing companies that would do work in Fayette County since most of the contractors I knew no longer did that type of work. Based on the reviews and information in Angie's List, I contacted two listed companies and set up an appointment for someone to come out, look at my problem and offer a solution. The first company's representative arrived as promised, took a look at the situation and recommended that all work be done on the inside walls of the basement which would have resulted in tearing out and replacing finished basement walls as well as two thirds of the kitchen cabinets in the apartment's kitchen. The time frame and cost to do the demolition and restoration was too much. Harris Waterproofing was the second company that I had called. Tim Harris arrived 15 minutes early for the appointment. He looked at the problem and suggested that all work be done on the outside walls of the basement. He went through every step of the procedure to be sure that I understood the scope of the work and timeline. He was very knowledgable and answered all my questions. After working in the banking industry and dealing with contractors for over 35 years, I was very impressed by his professionalism and knowledge. He said that he would email me the next day a detailed estimate of the work to be done which he did do. The estimate which also served as a contract clearly stated all the work to be performed and the total cost. The cost was very reasonable for the amount of work to be done. I signed the contract that day and emailed it back to Harris Construction and called them to set up a start date. As would be our luck, the weather in January and February 2014 was not condusive to outside construction work with multiple days of rain and then the snow storm and then snow and ice storm. Harris stayed in constant contact with us as the start date had to be changed several times due to weather conditions. When we finally got a break in the weather and construction could start, utility company crews showed up and marked all the underground utility lines to the house, the Harris crew including Tim arrived early on the designated start morning. That day all excavation work was completed, and the first coat of waterproofing was applied before they left for the day. The second day of work the second coat of waterproofing was applied, the drain was installed along the basement foundation and out into back yard and the basement walls were back filled with dirt. On the third day, all the shrubs were replanted, the flower beds restored, the removed concrete decking replaced, and the ditch for the underground drain in the back yard filled in. When the work was completed on that third day, everything had been so well restored that you couldn't tell that any work had been done. It was completed on time as promised and for contract price. The work that they did well exceeded all of my expectations.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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