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Comment Honest. Skilled. Honest. You ROCK!
I found Harris Waterproofing & Co on Kudzu after I purchased a foreclosed commercial property with water issues. Tim Harris came out, quickly assessed the issues/problem areas and his office sent me a quote. I will say that the single determining factor of hiring this company as opposed to a competitor is that Tim was so confident in the work he would do, his abilities, knowledge and skills - that he said that the property would no longer need the sump pump that was already in place! I wouldn't need a sump pump as a precautionary backup if water got in because he was confident NO water was ever getting back in! The decision he made would ultimately save me so much money in the long term. Tim and his team came out, dug holes, trenches, added basins - you name it and then sealed the areas back up just as the quote stated. I will say that there was miscommunication on my part, but Tim Harris came back out (that was his request) to clear up any lingering doubt I may have had. What company does that? I was shocked, really. This company not only does great work but goes above and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied. Phase 1 of the project is complete and I am still waiting for Phase 2. Once the building is fully rehabbed I will come back and post some before and after pics outlining the water issues and completion. I will always recommend this company!! I love Kudzu.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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