Job Completion Survey

Reviewed By: Joshua R
Location: Atlanta, GA 30307

How was your experience with the first phone call to the company? 4 Stars4
How would you rate the quality of the installation and services provided? 5 Stars5
How was the cleanup process? 5 Stars5
How would you rate your overall experience with us? 3 Stars3
Comment The installation itself was done professionally and timely and the quality of work was great, however our biggest challenge was communicating via email with Laura. For example, we requested an adjustment along with an updated quote but were told by Laura that there was no sufficient time to provide revised documentation. Secondly, we asked for our paid invoice on two different occasions but did not receive a response for several days. We recommend timely communication with customers to ensure information is accurate and a level of customer service is achieved. I also recommend modifying the invoice/contract to include a signature block to legally bind the agreement as well as the business phone number for easy reference.
Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

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