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Job Completion Survey

Reviewed By: david moretti
Location: Atlanta, GA 30319

How was your experience with the first phone call to the company? 5 Stars5
How would you rate the quality of the installation and services provided? 4 Stars4
How was the cleanup process? 3 Stars3
How would you rate your overall experience with us? 4 Stars4
Comment Hey guys... thanks for everything. As requested, Im filling out the survey. First off, John is amazing. He put every single concern at ease and is an incredible communicator. He is for sure the reason I did the work I did, and I felt comfortable with his suggestions... as extensive and daunting was they initially seemed. My situation was a bit unique as half the work was done before I bought the house, and the rest was (unexpectedly) done a year into ownership. Im hoping this is the last of it... but I won't know till we get a really good week of rain. Regarding the work... I was overall mostly satisfied. The first two guys were absolutely amazing. They were thorough, diligent, and caring. They explained to me everything that was happening in detail. And I felt so at ease with them... confident in their abilities and professionalism. Absolutely awesome guys. I believe at some point the job was delayed a bit and a second crew was added on. At first they worked together... then the first crew moved on elsewhere. This second crew is the crew that finished the job. And that's where it got a little less satisfactory. While they were nice guys, the last day and clean up were clearly rushed. Im not sure if they never installed a dehumidifier before, but it should absolutely not take a call from the customer to advise the contractor that a dehumidifier exhaust should not be shooting into a wall (something I learned from reading the manual)... spiking my electric bill thusly because it couldn't properly regulate the environment. I also read in the manual that the tubing should never be coiled on top of the sump box... and when I checked it, sure enough, it was coiled and full of water that couldn't drain. I fixed this myself. These are pretty basic dehumidifying check points that I wouldn't expect to be missed by a professional waterproofing contractor. These same workers also missed multiple tape gaps in the re-encapsulation which were later corrected after I noticed them on a personal walk through after they "finished." These were later corrected... but even after the correction, I still found a very large gap on my final walk through, which was addressed on what I would now call the third pass - something I honestly should not have had to do. Because of such, I do have a little cause for concern in the work this crew did in the crawl/basement - as they also worked on some of the actual drainage installation. Im guessing they were less experienced team members and just were not as thorough, and apparently experienced, as everyone else I worked with. So im crossing my fingers that there are not others things they missed that I wouldn't know how to "catch." It should be said that Tim did an incredible job on the crawl space door and it looks beautiful. So all in all, im happy with the work done... but if im being truthful, there was a very clear difference between the two crews who worked on my house... but im hoping everything worked itself out by close. And for what its worth, I would not hesitate to recommend you to a friend.
Overall Rating 4 Stars

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